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TOTAL $2290.6 B
Fav Name %1h %24h %7d Price ($) Market Cap 24h Vol
Bitcoin 0 -3 -8 63819 1256.1 B 55.2 B
Ethereum 1 -5 -12 2998 359.9 B 31.1 B
Tether USDt 0 0 0 1.00 107.5 B 123.0 B
BNB 1 -3 -7 551.5 82.5 B 2.7 B
Solana 1 -5 -23 139.6 62.3 B 9.3 B
USDC 0 0 0 1.00 32.3 B 12.6 B
XRP 1 -10 -20 0.480 26.4 B 4.1 B
Dogecoin 1 -9 -23 0.151 21.7 B 4.9 B
Toncoin 2 -6 8 5.86 20.3 B 909.8 M
Cardano 1 -9 -24 0.447 15.9 B 1.3 B
Avalanche 1 -9 -30 34.0 12.8 B 1.6 B
Shiba Inu 1 -9 -24 0.000 12.5 B 1.6 B
TRON 0 -4 -8 0.110 9.6 B 593.3 M
Bitcoin Cash 0 -9 -32 472.4 9.3 B 1.2 B
Polkadot 2 -9 -26 6.38 9.2 B 689.7 M
Chainlink 1 -10 -25 13.2 7.8 B 1.0 B
Polygon 1 -12 -28 0.650 6.4 B 867.8 M
Litecoin 0 -8 -27 76.6 5.7 B 1.2 B
Internet Computer 1 -8 -29 12.2 5.6 B 311.7 M
NEAR Protocol 1 -7 -28 5.14 5.5 B 1.3 B
UNUS SED LEO 0 1 0 5.83 5.4 B 1.2 M
Dai 0 0 0 1.000 5.3 B 893.0 M
Uniswap 2 -10 -40 6.86 4.1 B 503.5 M
First Digital USD 0 0 0 1.00 4.0 B 10.8 B
Aptos 2 -6 -35 8.81 3.7 B 560.0 M
Ethereum Classic 2 -11 -26 25.3 3.7 B 594.0 M
Stacks 2 1 -22 2.52 3.7 B 341.7 M
Mantle -1 -2 -22 1.07 3.5 B 122.9 M
Cronos 3 -6 -15 0.124 3.3 B 46.4 M
Bittensor -1 -4 -12 489.1 3.2 B 121.3 M
Cosmos 1 -11 -28 8.03 3.1 B 711.2 M
OKB 1 -2 -11 51.8 3.1 B 20.0 M
Filecoin 2 -10 -35 5.69 3.1 B 695.0 M
Stellar 1 -6 -19 0.105 3.0 B 355.5 M
Immutable 1 -5 -26 2.02 2.9 B 121.2 M
Render 2 -4 -22 7.49 2.9 B 462.5 M
VeChain 0 -1 -6 0.039 2.9 B 263.6 M
Arbitrum 2 -8 -31 1.04 2.8 B 1.0 B
Hedera 1 -8 -28 0.077 2.8 B 163.8 M
Kaspa -1 -6 -19 0.116 2.7 B 115.9 M
Maker 2 0 -24 2824 2.6 B 176.3 M
dogwifhat 5 1 -34 2.46 2.5 B 1.1 B
Injective 3 -7 -33 23.6 2.2 B 391.3 M
The Graph 1 -9 -32 0.232 2.2 B 225.7 M
Optimism 1 -9 -30 2.13 2.1 B 654.0 M
Monero 0 -5 -13 115.8 2.1 B 49.5 M
Pepe 1 -11 -29 0.000 2.1 B 1.4 B
Theta Network 1 -15 -27 1.95 1.9 B 137.3 M
Fantom 0 -8 -23 0.659 1.8 B 586.1 M
Celestia 1 18 -18 9.95 1.8 B 478.2 M
Bitget Token 1 -2 -8 1.19 1.7 B 67.9 M 3 -4 -27 1.96 1.7 B 554.0 M
Lido DAO 2 -9 -28 1.85 1.6 B 179.1 M
THORChain 1 -11 -35 4.92 1.6 B 660.0 M
Arweave 0 7 -28 24.7 1.6 B 217.3 M
Ethena 2 -9 1 1.08 1.5 B 1.3 B
Sui 3 -9 -35 1.08 1.4 B 549.1 M
Pendle 1 -1 -14 5.76 1.4 B 263.3 M
Algorand 2 -9 -29 0.167 1.4 B 270.2 M
Jupiter 2 -3 -35 0.961 1.3 B 467.1 M
Sei 1 -10 -33 0.485 1.3 B 244.5 M
Bitcoin SV 0 -13 -36 65.8 1.3 B 113.7 M
Flow 1 -10 -32 0.861 1.3 B 135.3 M
Flare 3 2 -19 0.033 1.3 B 43.7 M
FLOKI 1 -11 -35 0.000 1.3 B 367.7 M
Beam 2 -5 -21 0.024 1.3 B 62.0 M
Gala 2 -11 -30 0.040 1.2 B 380.8 M
Aave 2 -14 -31 82.5 1.2 B 239.5 M
BitTorrent (New) 0 -6 -17 0.000 1.2 B 59.6 M
Core 2 -9 -49 1.34 1.2 B 143.4 M
Quant 0 -6 -22 95.0 1.1 B 63.0 M
Neo 0 -14 4 16.0 1.1 B 366.7 M
Ondo 3 20 -6 0.767 1.1 B 773.0 M
eCash 0 -12 -37 0.000 1.0 B 135.9 M
Starknet 1 -2 -28 1.40 1.0 B 334.9 M
MultiversX 2 -9 -31 37.8 1.0 B 73.3 M
Nervos Network 0 -9 -9 0.023 1.0 B 238.3 M
Bonk 1 -9 -35 0.000 987.9 M 260.3 M
Wormhole 2 -5 -49 0.546 982.5 M 278.5 M
Axie Infinity 1 -10 -30 6.85 980.4 M 117.0 M
ORDI 1 -22 -35 46.3 972.3 M 699.9 M
SingularityNET 4 -6 -31 0.752 963.8 M 276.1 M
Tezos 2 -7 -24 0.974 952.7 M 66.8 M
JasmyCoin -1 3 -1 0.019 947.5 M 416.3 M
The Sandbox 1 -15 -34 0.409 921.2 M 295.1 M
dYdX (Native) 3 -11 -35 1.97 914.2 M 40.9 M
Ronin 1 -3 -24 2.92 910.5 M 76.0 M
Synthetix 1 -12 -31 2.74 899.3 M 101.9 M
Chiliz 2 -15 -36 0.096 856.8 M 160.7 M
KuCoin Token -1 -12 -15 8.80 846.0 M 5.9 M
Conflux 2 -15 -41 0.214 842.6 M 176.9 M
Pyth Network 2 -7 -35 0.559 838.8 M 165.3 M
Gnosis 1 -5 -8 323.1 836.7 M 29.9 M
Worldcoin 2 -12 -38 4.44 822.5 M 565.4 M
EOS 1 -19 -30 0.722 811.3 M 371.6 M
Akash Network 1 -6 -22 3.39 791.2 M 14.1 M
Decentraland 2 -16 -31 0.413 788.1 M 163.0 M
Mina 2 -9 -33 0.725 786.8 M 99.1 M
Helium 1 -9 -27 4.55 731.5 M 26.3 M
USDD 0 0 0 0.996 722.4 M 10.3 M


Name Amount Price %24h Chg($) Value($)



PUPS (Ordinals) : 36%Forta : 22%MATH : 21%Ondo : 20%Celestia : 18%SLERF : 15%
Tribe : -39%L7 : -36%Automata Network : -31%BADMAD ROBOTS : -26%Metaplex : -24%Niza Global : -24%


4/13/2024 11:25:51 PMU  Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has explained why he won’t invest in a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). “Just as I own gold and silver coins and mines and own apartment houses, I do not own gold or silver ETFs,” he stressed. The famo... Click to read

4/13/2024 9:30:56 PMU  Cardano (ADA) has been on a significant price decline in the past 30 days with important metrics pointing to a continued decline in the next few days. This decline has seen the number of Cardano holders in profit falling massively, as evidenced by on... Click to read

4/13/2024 9:30:07 PMU  Crypto asset manager Grayscale Investments believes that GBTC “has started to reach a little bit of an equilibrium,” says CEO Michael Sonnenshein, noting that some anticipated outflows from the firm’s spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) are “larg... Click to read

4/13/2024 8:47:07 PMU  The price of bitcoin continued to decline over the weekend, dropping an additional 7.7% in the last 24 hours. It plummeted to a daily low of $61,384 per coin, prompting a significant wave of leveraged liquidations on Saturday. Bitcoin Value Declines ... Click to read

4/13/2024 7:19:18 PMU  As each day unfolds, analysts, economists, Wall Street institutions, and Fed watchers have increasingly postponed their forecasts for when the U.S. Federal Reserve will reduce the benchmark interest rate. Current data suggest that a rate cut in June ... Click to read

4/13/2024 7:00:30 PMU  On Friday, the price of Bitcoin experienced a drop, which saw the price fall from $71,310 to $65,370. The price is retracing at the moment, and there are possibilities that it could still move downward. At this point, it could be that BTC’s price is ... Click to read

4/13/2024 5:08:05 PMU  Following criticism of Ethena’s USDE stablecoin, which brought back memories of the Terra blockchain’s Anchor protocol failure, Ethena backer Arthur Hayes introduced a risk tracker by that monitors aspects like the token’s adherence ... Click to read

4/13/2024 4:30:31 PMU  A crypto analyst has revealed what to expect from Dogecoin’s (DOGE) price on April 20, which happens to be DOGE day. This analyst’s bullish prediction undoubtedly adds to the excitement as the DOGE community gears up for the special occasion.  DOGE’s... Click to read

4/13/2024 3:05:31 PMU  The competition has notably intensified in recent months for the 2024 U.S. presidential election, as indicated by the prediction market platform Polymarket. Just two months ago, former President Donald Trump was ahead with a 52% lead, while incumbent... Click to read

4/13/2024 2:00:11 PMU  The cryptocurrency market experienced a sudden and sharp downturn on Friday, April 12, which saw the Bitcoin price and the value of other large-cap assets take severe hits. The price of Bitcoin, which has been mostly moving sideways over the past few... Click to read

4/13/2024 1:33:01 PMU  Following the downturn in bitcoin’s price on Friday, the hashprice of bitcoin has declined from slightly above $119 per petahash per second to marginally over $116 per PH/s on a daily basis. Should the prices remain low leading up to the forthcoming ... Click to read

4/13/2024 11:26:40 AMU  Around 70% to 80% of transactions in the crypto secondary market transactions occur between crypto assets and stablecoins. The South Korean government’s welcoming stance, coupled with the high popularity of crypto assets in the country, are among the... Click to read

4/13/2024 11:00:13 AMU  The tide may be turning in the highly watched legal battle between Ripple Labs and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. A recent decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals could significantly weaken the SEC’s case and bolster Ripple’s defe... Click to read

4/13/2024 8:38:46 AMU  TON Society announced a proof-of-personhood program targeting Telegram users, who can voluntarily scan their palms in exchange for benefits. The organization allocated 1 million TON for this initiative, distributed among 500 million participants in t... Click to read

4/13/2024 8:00:41 AMU  Australian prosecutors have reportedly dropped Andrew Forrest’s lawsuit against technology giant Meta over the appearance of crypto scam advertisements with his face on Facebook. This development comes as a blow to the Australian billionaire, who is ... Click to read

4/13/2024 5:30:30 AMU  The Paraguayan Senate has approved a resolution supporting selling the country’s energy surplus to crypto mining companies, given the price and guarantees that these institutions offer. The declaration criticizes the subpar agreements that sell energ... Click to read

4/13/2024 5:05:44 AMU  The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has landed a heavyweight deal with VeChain, a blockchain logistics firm, in a five-year partnership to the tune of $100 million. This history-making agreement marks UFC’s first-ever top-level blockchain partne... Click to read

4/13/2024 4:00:04 AMU  After orchestrating a series of hacks on two decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEXs) that stole more than $12 million worth of crypto, former security engineer Shakeeb Ahmed was sentenced today to three years in prison, this is the first-ever s... Click to read

4/12/2024 9:26:12 PMU  As the Bitcoin network’s halving event approaches, scheduled to occur in about seven days (April 19), the accuracy of online countdowns is coming into question. Various platforms display conflicting estimates of when the halving will take place, crea... Click to read

4/12/2024 8:53:25 PMU  The global stablecoin market has surged past $150 billion, indicating a growing demand for digital assets with relative stability. Competition in the stablecoin space has intensified, with Ripple announcing plans for a USD-backed stablecoin, joining ... Click to read

4/12/2024 8:49:27 PMU  Cryptocurrencies experienced a significant downturn, with bitcoin (BTC) plummeting to below $66,000 and altcoins witnessing declines ranging from 10% to 15% on what proved to be a challenging day for risk assets. Ryze Labs, in a report, warned invest... Click to read

4/12/2024 8:16:32 PMU  Hong Kong is on the brink of approving Bitcoin and Ether Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) as soon as Monday, according to sources familiar with the matter. This development represents a significant advancement for the cryptocurrency sector within the reg... Click to read

4/12/2024 7:34:43 PMU  The first edition of the Trump Digital Trading Card NFTs has experienced a significant downturn in sales, with trading volumes plummeting by 99% over the last 30 days. Data from OpenSea reveals a stark decline in transactions, with no activity record... Click to read

4/12/2024 7:28:51 PMU  BlackRock’s IBIT spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) has achieved a significant milestone, with total inflows surpassing $15 billion within just three months since its launch on January 11. This remarkable achievement places IBIT among the top 10... Click to read

4/12/2024 7:24:01 PMU  Russian authorities have conducted raids on four major “illegal” data centers in Siberia, resulting in the seizure of over 3,200 cryptocurrency mining rigs. The Novosibirsk branch of the Russian power provider Rosseti, in collaboration with law enfor... Click to read

4/12/2024 5:33:00 PMU  BlockDAG is on a bold trajectory to ascend into the top 10 cryptocurrencies by 2024, backed by a projected 30,000X return on investment that outshines industry giants like Solana and PEPE. Integrating blockchain and Directed Acyclic Graph technologie... Click to read

4/12/2024 4:43:25 PMU  The Canadian province of British Columbia is taking steps to regulate electricity usage by crypto miners, citing concerns over their unchecked growth and its impact on energy resources. Josie Osborne, Minister of Energy, Mines, and Low Carbon Innovat... Click to read

4/11/2024 9:33:21 PMU  Chainlink, a prominent provider of data feeds to blockchain-based smart contracts, has introduced a new application called Transporter for facilitating and overseeing cross-chain transactions. Built on Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protoco... Click to read

4/11/2024 6:59:47 PMU  Shiba Inu, renowned for its innovative approach in the blockchain sphere, has made history as the first layer 2 blockchain to join forces with the Content Distribution and Security Association (CDSA) in a bid to revolutionize blockchain technology fo... Click to read

4/11/2024 6:53:44 PMU  Bitcoin’s price surged on Thursday following the European Central Bank’s (ECB) decision to maintain interest rates, marking the fifth consecutive meeting without a change in rates. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization saw a 1.5% increa... Click to read

4/11/2024 6:43:29 PMU  Bullish sentiment continues to decline among individual investors as inflation remains elevated. According to the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) Sentiment survey, optimism about the stock market’s short-term outlook decreased for... Click to read

4/11/2024 6:37:30 PMU  In the ongoing battle for dominance in the cryptocurrency investment landscape, BlackRock’s spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) is making significant strides toward overtaking Grayscale as the largest crypto-based investment vehicle. Three months... Click to read

4/11/2024 6:18:29 PMU  On Wednesday, Grayscale’s bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) witnessed an unprecedented daily outflow of approximately $18 million, marking a significant departure from its usual outflow patterns since its inception in January. Reports from Bit... Click to read

4/11/2024 6:15:18 PMU  According to a recent report by JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM), the likelihood of approval for spot ether (ETH) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in May remains uncertain, with no more than a 50% chance of approval. The report suggests that if the Securities and Exc... Click to read

4/11/2024 6:11:53 PMU  Bitfinex Securities El Salvador S.A. de C.V., a leading tokenized securities platform, is driving an innovative initiative to finance the construction of a Hampton by Hilton hotel complex at El Salvador International Airport through a tokenized debt ... Click to read

4/11/2024 6:00:43 PMU  Cryptocurrency exchange Luno has become one of the inaugural firms to secure a license from South Africa’s Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA), solidifying its status as a recognized financial services provider within the country. The grantin... Click to read

4/11/2024 3:31:41 PMU  Bankrupt cryptocurrency firms FTX Trading and Voyager Digital Holdings have reached an agreement to settle their loan disputes, aiming to reimburse creditors. The resolution, finalized on Tuesday, will release the entire $445 million, including inter... Click to read

4/11/2024 3:12:46 PMU  Azuro, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) specializing in blockchain-based predictions, has secured $11 million in funding, led by SevenX Ventures and Arrington Capital. Other notable participants in the funding round include Fenbushi Capi... Click to read

4/10/2024 10:30:20 PMU  Auradine, a web infrastructure startup, and Bitcoin miner manufacturer, has secured $80 million in a Series B funding round as it prepares for the upcoming Bitcoin halving event and the shipment of its Teraflux Bitcoin miners. The funding round, desc... Click to read

4/10/2024 10:16:45 PMU  International cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase has introduced an easier way for UK customers to engage in cryptocurrency transactions with the launch of Apple Pay integration. The announcement, made on Wednesday, reflects Coinbase’s commitme... Click to read

4/10/2024 9:57:40 PMU  Despite the release of hotter-than-expected inflation data and doubts surrounding potential Federal Reserve rate cuts, the Bitcoin price unexpectedly surged on Wednesday, showcasing resilience amidst market turbulence. The US Consumer Price Index (CP... Click to read

4/10/2024 9:41:37 PMU  David Pan, the founder of Ace Exchange in Taiwan, along with six other individuals, has been indicted by a Taiwanese court on April 8 on charges related to money laundering and cryptocurrency fraud involving digital assets valued at NT$340 million Ne... Click to read

4/10/2024 9:26:29 PMU  Short sellers targeting MicroStrategy (NASDAQ:MSTR) have faced significant losses, totaling $1.92 billion since March, as per data from S3 Partners. This underscores the impact of a rally that has propelled the stock’s performance beyond that of bitc... Click to read

4/10/2024 9:22:40 PMU  Amid the crypto frenzy, a tokenized hedge fund named Ethena has captured attention by offering a 37% yield through its USDe token, attracting billions of dollars in tokens and generating widespread market buzz. However, alongside the excitement, skep... Click to read

4/10/2024 9:11:16 PMU  Gunzilla Games has revealed a groundbreaking integration with OpenSea, enabling players to trade in-game assets on the NFT marketplace. This integration will debut with Gunzilla’s upcoming video game, “Off the Grid.” In a statement, Gunzilla Games an... Click to read

4/10/2024 9:06:05 PMU  Zeta Markets, a decentralized derivatives protocol operating on Solana, has introduced its native governance token, Z, as part of a broader strategic initiative. The token launch coincides with plans to roll out Solana’s inaugural layer 2 scaling sol... Click to read

4/10/2024 8:59:55 PMU  Sapien AI has successfully raised $5 million in a seed funding round, with key contributions from Primitive Ventures, Animoca Ventures, Ravikant Capital, and Yield Guild Games. The funding injection aims to propel Sapien’s mission of offering scalabl... Click to read

4/10/2024 8:56:52 PMU  Senator Elizabeth Warren is challenging the push for a stablecoin bill without anti-money laundering laws, citing national security risks in a letter addressed to House Financial Service Committee leaders Patrick McHenry (R-NC) and Maxine Waters (D-C... Click to read

: Oldest cryptocurrency. Not scalable but being improved by off-chain projects like the Lightning Network. Due to its widespread use, it can be seen as the reserve currency of the crypto world.
: Decentralized operating system featuring smart contract functionality. It's the infrastructure which many tokens are built on. A token is a virtual unit of value used for crowdfunding a project and using its products.
: A token claimed to be backed by one dollar for each, held in reserve by Tether Limited. Exchanges use it instead of dollar to take advantage of high speed without resorting to slow bank wires.
: native cryptocurrency of the Binance exchange, used for trading fees, listing fees, and other transactions on the platform
: Delegated-Proof-of-Stake protocol with smart contracts whose focus is on scalability, claimingly reaching to 40K tps with the help of Proof-of-History (PoH), a decentralized clock, used as a single and trusted source of time
: A stablecoin with a value of $1. Each USDC is backed by one US dollar, which is held in a bank account, its website claims. Funded by Coinbase
: Fast coin with low transaction fees. It supports tokens representing fiat currency, cryptocurrency, commodity or any other unit of value. Some banks and companies use it. Criticized for not being much decentralized.
: Introduced as a 'joke currency' on 2013, it gained traction as an Internet tipping system in which social media users send each other DOGEs.
: TON(formerly Gram),meaning 'The Open Network', layer-1 PoS blockchain, was founded by Telegram. It was abandoned but continued by community of enthusiasts.In 2021 it processed a world record of 55000 TPS during a contest
: Smart contract platform built with a scientific point of view led by Charles Hoskinson, former co-founder of BitShares and Ethereum. Its currency unit is called Ada
: Fast PoS smart contracts platform with DAG-optimized consensus. Led by Emin Gün Sirer, creator of the first coin minted through PoW, it is designed to be as decentralized as it can
: Operates on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to become the "Dogecoin killer" by providing faster and cheaper transactions with its own ecosystem of dApps and a community-driven development
: With Tron, content creators will be able to get paid for their content without a middleman. Removing the need for the structures like GooglePlay Store or Apple Store
: A fork of Bitcoin with upgraded consensus rules and increased block size from 1-2MB to 8MB that allows it to grow and scale. Unlike Bitcoin, SegWit isn't supported.
: Founded Web3, Polkadot is a sharded protocol that enables blockchain networks to operate together. Shards called "parachains" allow transactions to be processed in parallel, instead of one-by-one
: Smart contracts need oracles to connect to real world data. The ChainLink network provides oracles in a decentralized way to be more reliable
: Polygon (MATIC) is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, designed to enhance its speed, security, and affordability for decentralized applications
: Lightweight version of Bitcoin with faster confirmation and different mining algorithm. It can be even faster with the Lightning Network because just like Bitcoin it supports the SegWit transaction format.
: "World Computer" enabling fully decentralized web3 services including social networks entirely on the blockchain without traditional IT. Users become owners and part of the team and control the DAO 'Network Nervous System'
: Developer-friendly fast PoS blockchain for building dApps that can interact with each other
:  "The utility token at the heart of the iFinex ecosystem." It's designed to be used on the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange as a way of reducing trading, lending, and other exchange fees
: Stablecoin which equals to $1. A community of MKR token holders govern the Maker Protocol, the smart contracts that power Dai
: decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows for automated, permissionless trading of Ethereum-based tokens using an automated market maker (AMM) system
: Layer 1 PoS blockchain with a Rust-based smart contract language. It aims to bring mainstream adoption to web3 and achieve a high tps through parallel execution. Raised over $350 million in funding from investors including Binance Labs and a16z
: Ethereum was splitted in two after the 'DAO hack'. Ethereum Classic is one of those two, uncensored and updated with fixed-cap monetary policy.
: Bitcoin Layer for smart contracts, allowing dApps to use Bitcoin as an asset and settle transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Stacks blocks are secured by 100% Bitcoin hashpower, and it knows the full Bitcoin state through Proof of Transfer and Clarity language
: Layer 2 scaling solution on top of Ethereum. Developed by, Cronos aims to improve the usability of dApps by reducing gas fees and increasing transaction speeds
: A network connecting many independent distributed ledgers (e.g., Ethereum, Bitcoin). ATOM is the native asset of Cosmos and is used for on-chain governance
: Coin of Okex Exchange
: decentralized storage network that enables users to store, retrieve, and share data on a global, permissionless network
: Updated version of the Ripple protocol with a new consensus algorithm, based on entirely new code. Founded by Jed McCaleb (creator of eDonkey) and Joyce Kim.
: A supply chain management coin. Manufacturers assign unique identifiers to products on the platform, so their movements can be tracked.
: Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum. It aims to alleviate Ethereum's scalability issues with near-instant finality, gas efficiency, and a seamless user experience
: Distributed public ledger with smart contracts, reportedly featuring 10,000 TPS, transaction fee ~$0.0001, and a 3-5 second finality. Governed by a council of global members including Google, IBM, LG Electronics
: Maker token is used to make the price of another coin, DAI, constantly very close to $1. A system called Collateralized Debt Positions is used for this.
: Indexing protocol for querying data on Ethereum, IPFS, and other networks, powering many DeFi and Web3 apps. Subgraphs, open APIs built by anyone, can be queried using GraphQL to retrieve blockchain data
: Forked from Bytecoin, Monero focuses on privacy and decentralization by obscuring sender, recipient and amount of every transaction made
: decentralized autonomous organization that offers staking and liquid staking services for Ethereum and other Proof-of-Stake blockchains
: Decentralized liquidity network for swapping assets through permissionless cross-chain liquidity pools. Users can stake their assets to earn trading fees
: Collectively owned hard drive which enables you to store documents and applications forever. By preserving history, it prevents others from rewriting it
: A Pure Proof of Stake blockchain with smart contracts. It can achieve 125X the transaction throughput of Bitcoin. It was founded by Turing award winner and MIT professor Silvio Micali
: Born from the Bitcoin Cash protocol, its creators claim it is a return to original Bitcoin protocol values. SV means Satoshi Vision.
: The money market protocol with which, users can earn interest on deposits and borrow assets
: Coin for Overledger, which is the world's first blockchain operating system that connects blockchains to one another and also connects existing networks to blockchain to create multi-chain applications known as MApps
: Known as 'Chinese Ethereum', Neo is a smart contract platform which uses 'delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance' method for consensus.
: PoW multi-asset and store of value general purpose blockchain for the new crypto-economy
: Blockchain-powered AI marketplace for creating, sharing, and monetizing AI services using AGIX token. Developed Sophia to achieve human-level AI via OpenCog
: Coin with smart contracts platform which is automatically governed by voting among its members. It started with an ICO of $232 million but its progress was delayed because of its founders' disputes and SEC.
: Virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain using SAND, the platform's utility token
: Smart contract platform which they claim can conduct millions of transactions per second without fees. CTO is Dan Larimer who invented dPoS and has a role in building Bitshares and Steemit
: Virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users purchase plots of land that they can later navigate, build upon, and monetize. It uses two tokens: MANA and LAND