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TOTAL $2622.4 B
Fav Name %1h %24h %7d Price ($) Market Cap 24h Vol
Bitcoin 0 0 -4 56657 1070.2 B 32.2 B
Ethereum 0 0 0 4530 537.1 B 21.0 B
Binance Coin -1 0 -4 617.2 103.0 B 2.4 B
Tether 0 0 0 1.00 74.1 B 76.0 B
Solana 0 3 11 231.6 70.8 B 4.0 B
Cardano -2 9 0 1.68 55.9 B 3.7 B
XRP 0 -1 -7 0.972 45.9 B 2.3 B
USD Coin 0 0 0 0.999 39.0 B 4.9 B
Polkadot 0 -1 -9 35.8 35.4 B 981.6 M
Dogecoin 0 2 -4 0.211 27.9 B 1.9 B
Terra 0 5 52 65.9 25.6 B 2.3 B
Avalanche 0 -7 -8 108.5 24.3 B 1.1 B
SHIBA INU -1 0 2 0.000 23.1 B 1.9 B Coin 2 -1 -11 0.703 17.8 B 382.4 M
Polygon 3 2 13 2.19 15.4 B 3.7 B
Uniswap 1 9 6 22.6 14.2 B 610.4 M
Wrapped Bitcoin 0 0 -5 55822 14.2 B 269.0 M
Litecoin 0 -1 -9 203.6 14.1 B 1.5 B
Binance USD 0 0 0 1.00 13.6 B 6.1 B
Algorand -1 -6 4 1.87 11.8 B 615.3 M
Chainlink 0 -1 -6 24.7 11.5 B 731.4 M
Bitcoin Cash 0 -1 -8 561.9 10.6 B 911.5 M
Axie Infinity 1 2 -2 135.9 8.3 B 320.0 M
Stellar -1 3 -3 0.336 8.2 B 551.9 M
Decentraland 0 1 -18 4.41 8.1 B 1.4 B
TerraUSD 0 0 0 1.00 7.8 B 197.1 M
VeChain -1 -1 -10 0.115 7.4 B 349.5 M
Internet Computer 0 0 -6 40.4 7.4 B 144.7 M
Elrond -1 -14 -18 355.1 7.0 B 537.1 M
Filecoin 0 1 -3 53.7 7.0 B 408.7 M
TRON 0 2 -2 0.098 7.0 B 2.3 B
FTX Token 0 -1 -7 49.4 6.9 B 266.5 M
Dai 0 0 -1 0.998 6.5 B 717.3 M
Cosmos -1 8 -5 28.2 6.4 B 458.9 M
THETA 0 0 -13 6.37 6.4 B 158.7 M
Ethereum Classic 0 0 -6 47.1 6.2 B 548.3 M
Hedera 0 -1 -4 0.338 6.1 B 71.2 M
The Sandbox -1 5 -14 6.61 6.0 B 2.6 B
Bitcoin BEP2 0 0 -4 56592 5.9 B 28.2 M
Fantom 0 -2 -17 2.06 5.2 B 343.1 M
NEAR Protocol 0 -1 -12 8.26 4.7 B 118.8 M
Tezos -1 0 1 5.07 4.4 B 160.8 M
Monero 0 5 -3 239.7 4.3 B 208.6 M
The Graph 0 0 -4 0.895 4.2 B 119.1 M
IOTA 0 11 -3 1.51 4.2 B 231.4 M
Gala 1 -6 -27 0.588 4.1 B 820.1 M
Helium 0 1 -16 38.4 4.0 B 28.5 M
EOS 0 0 -7 3.96 3.9 B 582.9 M
Klaytn 0 0 -1 1.51 3.8 B 62.3 M
Flow 0 0 -8 12.1 3.8 B 140.2 M
Loopring 0 0 -18 2.63 3.5 B 289.7 M
UNUS SED LEO 0 2 10 3.45 3.3 B 3.1 M
Aave 0 -1 -7 244.3 3.3 B 190.0 M
PancakeSwap 0 -1 -9 13.1 3.2 B 206.5 M
Stacks -3 -14 23 2.48 3.2 B 237.2 M
BitTorrent 0 1 -4 0.003 3.1 B 428.0 M
Kusama 0 -4 8 364.8 3.1 B 86.6 M
Zcash 1 4 -22 227.2 3.0 B 552.5 M
Maker 0 1 -11 2982 3.0 B 159.6 M
Harmony -1 6 -17 0.254 2.9 B 145.7 M
Enjin Coin 0 0 -23 3.39 2.8 B 320.4 M
Bitcoin SV 0 1 -6 149.1 2.8 B 174.0 M
eCash 0 -1 -7 0.000 2.8 B 40.7 M
THORChain 0 -2 -20 10.5 2.7 B 53.7 M
Kadena 0 -3 -15 16.6 2.7 B 41.7 M
Neo 0 -1 -11 36.6 2.6 B 180.5 M
Chiliz 0 -1 -15 0.421 2.5 B 229.7 M
Quant 2 4 -12 203.6 2.5 B 66.2 M
Amp 0 -2 -6 0.057 2.4 B 43.8 M
Waves -1 -7 4 21.2 2.3 B 126.1 M
Basic Attention Token -1 -2 -4 1.41 2.1 B 514.2 M
Curve DAO Token 0 -1 -20 4.77 2.1 B 330.2 M
KuCoin Token 0 -3 -5 25.7 2.1 B 51.1 M
Holo 0 -1 -16 0.012 2.0 B 124.9 M
Arweave -1 0 -5 55.5 1.9 B 45.7 M
Dash 0 0 -17 176.5 1.8 B 226.6 M
Celo 1 2 -6 4.95 1.8 B 55.2 M
Compound 0 1 -6 271.0 1.7 B 75.7 M
OKB -2 7 -1 27.1 1.6 B 658.8 M
Theta Fuel 0 0 -10 0.299 1.6 B 39.3 M
IoTeX 5 11 -8 0.164 1.6 B 188.8 M
Huobi Token 0 2 -2 9.65 1.5 B 111.9 M
Nexo 0 -3 -4 2.68 1.5 B 9.8 M
NEM -1 -1 -5 0.167 1.5 B 57.0 M
Decred 2 2 -1 107.1 1.5 B 10.4 M
Qtum -1 0 -9 14.7 1.5 B 329.7 M
Mina -1 -2 -12 4.35 1.3 B 52.4 M
Voyager Token 0 1 9 4.65 1.3 B 30.2 M
Immutable X 3 -9 -28 6.83 1.3 B 78.9 M
TrueUSD 0 0 0 0.999 1.3 B 159.8 M
Ankr -1 4 11 0.148 1.2 B 139.3 M
Horizen 0 -2 -23 101.7 1.2 B 70.3 M
WAX -1 -3 -25 0.624 1.2 B 106.2 M
Siacoin -2 2 2 0.023 1.2 B 113.3 M
ICON 0 -2 -13 1.70 1.2 B 61.4 M
Audius 0 -2 -8 2.25 1.1 B 42.2 M
OMG Network 0 -1 -8 8.10 1.1 B 290.7 M
Oasis Network -2 5 -9 0.325 1.1 B 155.2 M
Livepeer -1 -8 -12 52.6 1.1 B 81.4 M
Ravencoin 0 0 -7 0.106 1.1 B 43.5 M


Name Amount Price %24h Chg($) Value($)



GXChain : 384%NULS : 113%HedgeTrade : 54%Cortex : 47%Beam : 46%Validity : 35%
DeversiFi : -35%Crabada : -23%Niftyx Protocol : -20%Dragonchain : -20%Badger DAO : -18%LCX : -18%


12/3/2021 12:00:16 AMU  Grubhub, an American online food delivery platform, has come up with an exciting new way to engage its users. The company has partnered with Bitcoin rewards company Lolli to allow its users to earn Bitcoin (BTC) on every order. Integrating crypto int... Click to read

12/2/2021 11:30:00 PMU  Ethereum price hit a new all-time high in its ETH/BTC pair and a classic technical analysis pattern suggests the altcoin has a lot more upside.... Click to read

12/2/2021 11:00:46 PMU  Jurors in the Kleiman v. Wright trial are currently unable to come to a decision on the high-profile billion-dollar bitcoin lawsuit in Florida. While the judge has told the jury to take time deliberating the case, on Wednesday, the jurors issued a st... Click to read

12/2/2021 11:00:31 PMU  The Cardano network remains one of the most stable blockchains in the crypto space. Founded in 2017, the network remains the largest proof of stake network in the industry. It holds the title for the proof of stake network with the highest amount of ... Click to read

12/2/2021 10:30:00 PMU  With the hiring, Okcoin has many women in key leadership positions, including CEO Hong Fang as well as head of content and brand Mandy Campbell.... Click to read

12/2/2021 10:20:00 PMU  This week, ETH price came within 2% of a new all-time high before U.S. lawmakers announced a hearing to discuss stablecoins and the need for eventual regulation.... Click to read

12/2/2021 10:12:28 PMU  Back in March of 2020, those taking position ahead of the Bitcoin halving were blindsided by the Black Thursday market selloff, driven by panic at the onset of the COVID pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. With the new Omicron strain making headlines,... Click to read

12/2/2021 10:04:37 PMU  The Latin American e-commerce platform selected Brazil to kick-off crypto payments via its MercadoPago application.... Click to read

12/2/2021 10:00:08 PMU  UK and Swiss based gaming and blockchain company, GAIMIN.IO Ltd has developed a PC-based platform to create a global, decentralised data processing network with “supercomputer” level performance. The GAIMIN platform utilises underused processing powe... Click to read

12/2/2021 9:09:10 PMU  A surge in user activity and new token listings allowed WRX, PRE and KMD to shake off the week-long crypto market downturn and post double-digit gains.... Click to read

12/2/2021 9:00:25 PMU  Following Jack Dorsey’s resignation announcement on Monday, two days later Dorsey’s payments company, Square Inc., disclosed that it was rebranding and changing its name to Block Inc. The company said the name Block has “many associated meanings” inc... Click to read

12/2/2021 9:00:00 PMU  The Cboe BZX Exchange used the examples set by CME's crypto futures products in its argument for approval, but the SEC rejected them.... Click to read

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12/2/2021 7:30:00 PMU  Giving Tuesday marked the start of the season for crypto giving and The Giving Block is leading the crypto fundraising campaign.... Click to read

12/2/2021 7:15:00 PMU  Quarles said some of the approaches on stablecoin regulation from the President's Working Group on Financial Markets’ November report are unnecessary.... Click to read

12/2/2021 7:02:01 PMU  With BTC price under $57,000, bears appear to have a slight advantage in this week’s $950 million BTC options expiry.... Click to read

12/2/2021 7:00:52 PMU  Bitcoin exchange reserves have shown a sudden sharp spike recently, despite being in a declining trend for months. After Months Of Downtrend, Bitcoin Exchange Reserves Shoot Up As pointed out by a CryptoQuant post, on-chain data shows that BTC exchan... Click to read

12/2/2021 7:00:16 PMU  Two days ago on November 30, the price of bitcoin (BTC) tapped a high that day reaching $59,250 per unit, but it has since dropped close to 5% in value to just above the $56K region. Onchain statistics indicate that whales and long-term holders (LTHs... Click to read

12/2/2021 6:43:00 PMU  "It’s time to enter a world of limitless possibilities," said the staff behind the world-renowned sports clothing line.... Click to read

12/2/2021 6:23:53 PMU  The internet has radically changed commerce and opportunities for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) globally. The ability for smaller merchants and businesses to operate internationally has been a game-changer. However, numerous p... Click to read

12/2/2021 5:50:52 PMU  Bitcoin stayed above $56,000 with a market capitalization of $1.06 trillion.... Click to read

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12/2/2021 5:00:47 PMU  Bitcoin has spread its wings far and wide and no nation has been left out. All around the globe, there is bitcoin adoption going on, both as a payment method as well as an investment option. The latest company to implement bitcoin as a method is Croa... Click to read

12/2/2021 5:00:41 PMU  While cryptocurrency has attracted a significant following in the subsequent years, it continues to grow after hitting a record-breaking all-time high. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, is valued at nearly $67,000. (Source: Forbes) Thus, more... Click to read

12/2/2021 5:00:02 PMU  The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called Badgerdao has disclosed that it has “received reports of unauthorized withdrawals of user funds.” The analytics team Peckshield estimates that over $120 million was siphoned in the Badgerdao brea... Click to read

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12/2/2021 3:57:00 PMU  Automated, no-code tools can help investors stick to a strategy at times when it is easy for fear and greed to take over.... Click to read

12/2/2021 3:30:00 PMU  The Dutch investment firm consists of a wide array of blockchain-centric entrepreneurs, investors and builders looking to uncover the next major crypto plays.... Click to read

12/2/2021 3:00:53 PMU  Customers of the largest supermarket chain in Croatia will be able to pay with cryptocurrency for their orders in the retailer’s online shop. The company plans to soon offer the crypto payment option also at its physical stores throughout the country... Click to read

12/2/2021 2:24:05 PMU  Chinese crypto media are reportedly keeping a low profile on their websites and are focusing on growing communities on Twitter and Telegram.... Click to read

12/2/2021 2:00:45 PMU  PRESS RELEASE. Blockchain based P2E Fantasy Sports Game TradeStars has announced the launch of staking of their native token TSX. Users will now be able to stake their TSX tokens and earn more TSX tokens as rewards. TradeStars and TSX TradeStars is a... Click to read

12/2/2021 2:00:08 PMU  With an upcoming Ideathon for Dutch Blockchain Week, the collaboration will provide innovative IoT services with all the safety and security benefits of blockchain technology This year has seen the near infinite applications of blockchain technology ... Click to read

12/2/2021 2:00:00 PMU  The Assembly mainnet, which is expected to launch in 2022, has pledged to distribute 70% of its native ASMB token supply to an array of community participants.... Click to read

12/2/2021 1:52:53 PMU  The emergence of cryptocurrencies has given a lot of opportunities for people, uniting populations all over the world, helping people to create communities, to interact with each other, and at the same time to earn money. Cryptocurrencies have been w... Click to read

12/2/2021 1:52:03 PMU  Cointelegraph spoke to the co-founders of NFT storytelling project Jenkins the Valet for insight into the character's debut novel and vision for the future.... Click to read

12/2/2021 1:32:13 PMU  NFTs look to be more than just another crypto and blockchain mania.... Click to read

12/2/2021 1:00:52 PMU  The adoption of blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies by people in Africa surged to unprecedented levels in 2020. While many have attributed this to Covid-19, blockchain advocates believe their work is partly the reason many are turni... Click to read

12/2/2021 12:43:40 PMU  Long-term holders have distributed 5.8% of BTC accumulated since March, findings confirm.... Click to read

12/2/2021 11:00:52 AMU  The Nervos Network is an open Blockchain platform for innovators to build applications that are decentralized, autonomous and universally accessible. They want to create an all-encompassing architecture that allows dApp developers to build once and r... Click to read

12/2/2021 10:02:21 AMU  U.S. companies are rushing to launch crypto investment products in Europe amid regulatory pushbacks at home.... Click to read

12/2/2021 10:00:16 AMU  Investments in alternative assets such as cryptocurrencies account for over half of the portfolio of non-qualified Russian investors, a recently held survey has indicated. Almost half of them consider digital currencies like bitcoin as a potential he... Click to read

12/2/2021 9:58:41 AMU  Bitcoin Capital's offerings on SIX Swiss Exchange continue to grow along with the market as a whole.... Click to read

12/2/2021 9:47:54 AMU  Bullish long-term Bitcoin price predictions contrast with the current status quo as buy-in targets drop to $47,000.... Click to read

12/2/2021 8:40:23 AMU  All smart contracts have been paused but users are urged to revoke permissions to the compromised smart contract to avoid any further losses.... Click to read

: Oldest cryptocurrency. Not scalable but being improved by off-chain projects like the Lightning Network. Due to its widespread use, it can be seen as the reserve currency of the crypto world.
: Decentralized operating system featuring smart contract functionality. It's the infrastructure which many tokens are built on. A token is a virtual unit of value used for crowdfunding a project and using its products.
: Native currency of Binance chain which can be used at Binance Exchange or Binance DEX to reduce trading fees. Binance means binary finance
: A token claimed to be backed by one dollar for each, held in reserve by Tether Limited. Exchanges use it instead of dollar to take advantage of high speed without resorting to slow bank wires.
: Delegated-Proof-of-Stake protocol with smart contracts whose focus is on scalability, claimingly reaching to 40K tps with the help of Proof-of-History (PoH), a decentralized clock, used as a single and trusted source of time
: Smart contract platform built with a scientific point of view led by Charles Hoskinson, former co-founder of BitShares and Ethereum. Its currency unit is called Ada
: Fast coin with low transaction fees. It supports tokens representing fiat currency, cryptocurrency, commodity or any other unit of value. Some banks and companies use it. Criticized for not being much decentralized.
: A stablecoin with a value of $1. Each USDC is backed by one US dollar, which is held in a bank account, its website claims. Funded by Coinbase
: Founded Web3, Polkadot is a sharded protocol that enables blockchain networks to operate together. Shards called "parachains" allow transactions to be processed in parallel, instead of one-by-one
: Introduced as a 'joke currency' on 2013, it gained traction as an Internet tipping system in which social media users send each other DOGEs.
: Financial infrastructure powered by a family of stablecoins, each pegged to fiat currencies algorithmically stabilized by Terra's native token, Luna.
: A token and its native chain provided by the company '' formerly known as Monaco. Not to be confused with their other token MCO.
: Lightweight version of Bitcoin with faster confirmation and different mining algorithm. It can be even faster with the Lightning Network because just like Bitcoin it supports the SegWit transaction format.
: 1:1 USD-backed stable coin issued by Binance (in partnership with Paxos). Approved and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), The BUSD Monthly Audit Report can be viewed from the official website
: A Pure Proof of Stake blockchain with smart contracts. It can achieve 125X the transaction throughput of Bitcoin. It was founded by Turing award winner and MIT professor Silvio Micali
: Smart contracts need oracles to connect to real world data. The ChainLink network provides oracles in a decentralized way to be more reliable
: A fork of Bitcoin with upgraded consensus rules and increased block size from 1-2MB to 8MB that allows it to grow and scale. Unlike Bitcoin, SegWit isn't supported.
: Updated version of the Ripple protocol with a new consensus algorithm, based on entirely new code. Founded by Jed McCaleb (creator of eDonkey) and Joyce Kim.
: Virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users purchase plots of land that they can later navigate, build upon, and monetize. It uses two tokens: MANA and LAND
: A supply chain management coin. Manufacturers assign unique identifiers to products on the platform, so their movements can be tracked.
: With Adaptive State Sharding and PoS, Elrond can reportedly process 10,000 transactions per second with 5-second latency and negligible cost. You can write smart contracts in Rust, C/C++, C#, Typescript languages
: With Tron, content creators will be able to get paid for their content without a middleman. Removing the need for the structures like GooglePlay Store or Apple Store
: FTX is a cryptocurrency liquidity provider with leveraged tokens. FTT is its utility token
: Stablecoin which equals to $1. A community of MKR token holders govern the Maker Protocol, the smart contracts that power Dai
: A network connecting many independent distributed ledgers (e.g., Ethereum, Bitcoin). ATOM is the native asset of Cosmos and is used for on-chain governance
: Theta is a blockchain and token for decentralized video streaming. It encourages users to share their unused memory and bandwidth, serving as video caching and relay nodes for the network.
: Ethereum was splitted in two after the 'DAO hack'. Ethereum Classic is one of those two, uncensored and updated with fixed-cap monetary policy.
: Virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain using SAND, the platform's utility token
: Coin with smart contracts platform which is automatically governed by voting among its members. It started with an ICO of $232 million but its progress was delayed because of its founders' disputes and SEC.
: Forked from Bytecoin, Monero focuses on privacy and decentralization by obscuring sender, recipient and amount of every transaction made
: Instead of a blockchain, IOTA stores transactions in a Directed Acyclic Graph structure called a Tangle. Designed to be used for IoT, there are no miners and no fees on IOTA
: Smart contract platform which they claim can conduct millions of transactions per second without fees. CTO is Dan Larimer who invented dPoS and has a role in building Bitshares and Steemit
: Decentralized Exchange protocol for trading with less risk and more liquidity. You keep your own tokens on a smart contract and trade on multiple exchanges across the world.
:  "The utility token at the heart of the iFinex ecosystem." It's designed to be used on the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange as a way of reducing trading, lending, and other exchange fees
: The money market protocol with which, users can earn interest on deposits and borrow assets
: BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing network allows content creators to connect and earn from their audience without a middleman. It's owned by Tron and its currency runs on the TRON blockchain
: An early, unaudited, and unrefined release of Polkadot. Kusama is a scalable network of specialized blockchains built using Substrate and nearly the same codebase as Polkadot
: Public blockchain with privacy features. Zero-knowledge proofs allow transactions to be verified without revealing the sender, receiver or transaction amount. It allows unhidden transactions too.
: Maker token is used to make the price of another coin, DAI, constantly very close to $1. A system called Collateralized Debt Positions is used for this.
: Fast Effective Proof-of-Stake(EPoS) blockchain for decentralized applications with secure and random state sharding, producing blocks in a few seconds
: Monetary ecosystem for gaming
: Born from the Bitcoin Cash protocol, its creators claim it is a return to original Bitcoin protocol values. SV means Satoshi Vision.
: Decentralized liquidity network for swapping assets instantly at manipulation-resistant market prices through permissionless cross-chain liquidity pools that allow users to stake their assets to earn trading fees
: Known as 'Chinese Ethereum', Neo is a smart contract platform which uses 'delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance' method for consensus.
: Coin for Overledger, which is the world's first blockchain operating system that connects blockchains to one another and also connects existing networks to blockchain to create multi-chain applications known as MApps
: Platform for decentralized apps and tokens which uses high speed WavesNG protocol. Tokens are automatically ready to be traded at Waves DEX.
: Ethereum token used in a decentralized ad exchange system which has its own browser, Brave. User attention to ads are measured and users are paid BAT by the advertisers.
: Holochain doesn't require global absolute consensus. Instead of a huge blockchain ledger, every participant has their own signed hash chain. There's no mining and things are faster.
: Collectively owned hard drive which enables you to store documents and applications forever. By preserving history, it prevents others from rewriting it
: Self-governing and self-funding ecosystem with a cryptocurrency which has InstantSend and PrivateSend features
: Open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone
: Compound is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol. It's used by financial applications to let users earn interest from their cryptocurrencies
: Coin of Okex Exchange
: Token of A Global Exchange with advanced distributed system architecture built to protect against DDoS
: Cryptocurrency with Proof-of-Importance algorithm, multisignature accounts, encrypted messaging, and an Eigentrust++ reputation system
: Autonomous digital currency. Which means, users vote about important updates, and fund new developments. It features Proof-of-work Mining and Proof-of-stake Voting.
: A DApp platform which has a mix of Bitcoin and Ethereum infrastructure
: You send your dollars to escrow banks and they send one TrueUSD for one dollar to your Ethereum address. The TrustToken platform,which enables this,can't touch your dollars.
: Decentralized cloud storage platform. On Sia you can rent storage cheaply, get paid to host files, mine Siacon..
: A blockchain from Korea with 'Delegated Proof of Contribution' consensus model. It uses sharding and is fast with near instant finality. It aims to connect many blockchains to form a global network
: Layer-2 scaling solution for transferring value on Ethereum. Projects on the OMG Network run faster and cheaper without compromising the security of Ethereum
: Built by modifying Bitcoin code, used for creation and transfer of tokens representing real world or digital assets.